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Women’s Softball European Championship 2017 begins this weekend in Italy

posted Jun 25, 2017, 6:40 PM by Jairy Otero

Women’s Softball European Championship 2017 will take place in Bollate, Italy, June 25 – July 1 where 23 Women’s Softball National Teams from across Europe will compete over the 8-day event.

National teams have been divided into four groups made of five or six teams.

Pool A: Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Switzerland
Pool B: Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Ireland, Lithuania
Pool C: Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Hungary
Pool D: Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria


Live-streaming from the Women’s Softball European Championship will show the top European softball action again. Playo.tv will provide live broadcasting from the final three days of the Championship for viewers in Europe.

For viewers in Asia and North or South America, tune into FloSoftball here.


  • Four groups A, B, C, and D will play a single round robin.
  • Groups E and F will be created after a single round robin from the teams ranked first and second in their groups.
  • Groups E and F will play single round robin.  E4-F4 will play for 7th place.
  • Teams ranked first, second and third from group E will play teams ranked first, second, and third from group F. Ranking will be created after these games and the 5th and 6th place in the competition will be determined by the ranking.
  • Top four teams will enter the page system to determine places 1 – 4 in the competition.
  • Groups G and H will be created after single round robin from the teams ranked third and fourth in their groups.
  • Groups G and H will play single round robin. Top two teams from both groups will enter the page system to determine places 9 – 13.
  • G3-H3 will play for 13th place.
  • G4-H4 will play for 15th place.
  • Group I will be created from the teams ranked 5th and 6th in their groups.
  • Group I will play single round robin, in which the games already played within groups A, B, C, and D will be considered as played and the previous results will count. The final results of the group I round robin will determine places 17 – 23 in the competition.

Italy is the reigning champions, following their 2015 European Championship win over Netherlands.

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