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WBSC Americas Softball unveils new name, elects board

posted Apr 26, 2016, 7:58 PM by Jairy Otero

WBSC Americas Softball unveils new name, elects board

During the XVII Ordinary Assembly Valencia 2016, the regional softball confederation for the Americas (CONPASA) unveiled its new name – WBSC Americas Softball – and held elections after passing the new constitution.

“We have worked with the WBSC to unify our work and maximize the efforts, seeking a better development for our sport”, explained Tommy Velazquez, President of the WBSC Americas Softball.

The Assembly in Venezuela was historic having for the first time 52 active delegates in the various committees, working groups and the general assembly.

The WBSC Americas Softball also consolidated into one organization, eliminating the different regional confederations each representing a different geographical area or language (Caribbean, Central American, English Caribbean and South American).

Under the new structure, the WBSC Americas Softball board has expanded to 13 people – and now includes the presidents of the former regional confederations.

WBSC Americas Board of Directors (2016-2020):


Tommy Velázquez (PUR) – President
Amilcar Estrada (GUA) – 1st Vice President
Kevin Quinn (CAN) – Vice President North America
Alfredo Pérez (DOM) – Vice President Hispanic Caribbean
Jan H Croes (ARU) – Vice President English Caribbean
Roberto Castro (CRC) – Vice President Central America
Enrique Alcaraz (ARG) – Vice President South America
Carlos J. Lopez (PUR) – President of CONCACAS
Danilo Velasco (PAN) – President of CONCASOFT
Antonio Morales (COL) – President of CONSURSA
Burket Dorsett (BAH) – President of ECASC
Maria Soto (VEN) – Women’s Athletes Representative
Men’s Athletes Representative – TBA
Secretary General – TBA

Working commissions hold first meetings

During the WBSC Softball Division Congress in October 2015 in Oklahoma (USA), the Board of CONPASA appointed working commissions. The XVII WBSC Softball Americas Ordinary Assembly provided the first opportunity for these commissions to meet.

The commission members – each having experience in the respective subjects – were appointed by the presidents of each national federation and made proposals to the Board for implementation.

  • Statutes Commission: Chaired by Kevin Quinn
  • Finance Commission: Chaired by Roberto Castro
  • Lima 2019 Pan American Games Commission: Chaired by Tommy Velazquez
  • Disciplinary Commission: Chaired by Alfredo Pérez and Amilcar Estrada
  • Technical Code Commission: Chaired by Kevin Quinn
  • Hall of Fame Commission: Chaired by Endy Croes
  • Coaches Development Commission: Chaired by Ivan Brinceño
  • Commission on Women and the Athlete: Chaired by Maria Soto
  • Umpire Development Commission: Chaired by Santos Vazquez

The next WBSC Americas Softball Assembly is scheduled to take place in 2018.