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Nepal holds 1st RSO and ODC Softball Tournament

posted Apr 26, 2016, 8:04 PM by Jairy Otero

Nepal holds 1st RSO and ODC Softball Tournament

The Nepal Baseball and Softball Association (NBSA) – partnering with the U.S. Embassy Nepal – organised the 1st RSO and ODC Softball Tournament. Held in Phora Durbar, Kathmandu, eight teams gathered for the co-ed slow-pitch weekend tournament.

The Armed Police Force Black defeated the U.S. Embassy 2 and received the Champions trophy by U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, Alaina B. Teplitz. The newly formed annual tournament saw two teams each representing the Armed Police Force, Nepal Army, U.S., Embassy, and the NBSA.


From Armed Police Force (APF)

1) APF Black
2) APF Black

From Nepal Army
3) Army Red
4) Army Green

From U.S. Embassy
5) U.S. Embassy 1
6) U.S. Embassy 2

7) NBSA Legends
8) Expat All-Stars

Softball is a new sport in Nepal, only gaining WBSC recognition in 2009.