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Brazil: XXV U-15 Clubs National Championship

posted Dec 2, 2015, 7:57 PM by Jairy Otero
Brazil: XXV U-15 Clubs National Championship

03 November 2015


The XXV U15 Brazilian Clubs Women's Championship concluded last weekend in the city of Campinas, Sao Paulo. The event was organized by ACA - Tozan, Cultural and Welfare Association - Tozan, and included the participation of 10 teams. In the final match, Curitiba Nikkei beat GECEBS 10-8 in extra innings to claim the title.

The tournament was attended by 10 teams: Aruja-Universo, Gloria Central, GECEBS; Indaiatuba, Maringá, Nikkei Curitiba, Marília de Nikkei, Nippon Blue Jays, ACA Tozan and AELU - Asociación Estadio La Unión, invited from Lima, Perú.

Saturday the qualifying matches were played with the teams divided into three divisions, Gold, Silver and Bronze brackets.

The final ranking of the teams was:

Gold bracket:
Champion: Nikkei Curitiba
Runner-up: GECEBS
Third: Maringa
Fourth: Central Gloria

Silver bracket:
Champion: Aruja ACA / Universe
Runner-up: AELU
Third: ACA Tozan

Bronze bracket:
Champion: Nikkei Marilia
Runner-up: Nippon Blue Jays
Third: Indaiatuba

In the individual awards, the best athlete was Paula Milderberg, from Nikkei Curitiba, who was also the player with most RBIs with 6. In addition, the best pitcher of the tournament was Tammy Shiroma, also for the champion team. Finally, the best hitter was Fernanda Missaki Ayumi (.1000), from Nippon Blue Jays, followed by Mildelberg (.750).