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Bahamas wins shortened WBSC Co-Ed Slow Pitch World Cup

posted Dec 2, 2015, 8:04 PM by Unknown user
Bahamas wins shortened WBSC Co-Ed Slow Pitch World Cup

22 November 2015

The WBSC Co-ed Slow Pitch World Cup returned to the WBSC Softball Division headquarters. Eight co-ed slow pitch teams from the Americas and Europe took the field from 19-22 November 2015.

The tournament structure began with a single round robin to determine each team's seed. Bahamas defeated every team but Great Britain finishing in the top slot going into the Page Playoff system.

In the first semi-final game, #4 Canada defeated #3 Great Britain 22-7 to move on to the Bronze Medal game. In the second semi-final game, #1 Bahamas defeated #2 Germany 15-10 for a straight path to the Gold medal game.

Canada then faced off against Germany in the Bronze medal game. They were ready scoring six runs in the top of the first inning. But Germany came back to score eight runs in the final inning to claim victory 11-10. Germany moved on to the Gold Medal game and Canada went home with the Bronze.

The Gold Medal game between Bahamas and Germany began with a waterlogged field and more rain clouds moving in. The game was only able to proceed through the third inning before the rain began again causing the fields to become unplayable. The game therefore was not a complete game and could not be counted.

Bahamas then was crowned Champions due to their win in the semi-final game as #1 seed; Germany Silver.

Due to the heavy overnight rains, fields were unplayed causing the Placement Round to be cancelled.

Co-ed slow pitch features both male and female athletes playing together along side one another on the field. Each team could contain a maximum of 20 players with no fewer than five being of one gender.

A home-run hitting contest was added to the line-up this year and featured two batters from each team. Richene Martina (Curacao) and Ericka Carter (Turks & Caicos) won for their respective genders.

The World Cup was held in conjunction with the city's annual Pig Jam, which offered players and spectators alike with food and entertainment.

Gold: Bahamas
Silver: Germany
Bronze: Canada
4th: Great Britain
5th: Turks & Caicos
6th: Curacao
7th: Bulgaria
8th: France

1st Place
Men: Richene Martina (Curacao)
Women: Ericka Carter (Turks & Caicos)

2nd Place
Men: Eugene Bien (Bahamas)
Women: Filipina Ovnarska (Bulgaria) and Wendy Hart (France)                                 

Pool Play - Day 1
Date Time Field Team Team Score
19-Nov 9:00 3 Bahamas Bulgaria 17-2
  9:00 4 Canada Curacao 12-11
  10:30 3 France Germany 3-36
  10:30 4 Great Britain Turks & Caicos 19-5
  12:00 3 Bulgaria Curacao 9-12
  12:00 4 Bahamas Germany 12-11
  13:30 3 Canada Turks & Caicos 16-8
  13:30 4 France Great Britain 1-29
  15:00 Stadium Home Run Hitting Contest

Pool Play - Day 2

Date Time Field Team Team Score
20-Nov 9:00 4 Bulgaria Canada 7-12
  9:00 3 France Bahamas 5-15
  10:30 4 Great Britain Curacao 10-13
  10:30 3 Turks & Caicos Germany 6-17
  12:00 4 Canada France 20-0
  12:00 3 Bahamas Great Britain 7-9
  13:30 4 Bulgaria Germany 5-13
  13:30 3 Turks & Caicos Curacao 7-5
  15:00 4 Bulgaria Turks & Caicos 12-19
  15:00 3 Germany Great Britain 17-5
  16:30 4 Curacao France 12-3
  16:30 3 Bahamas Canada 7-6


Pool Play - Day 3
Date Time Field Team Team Score
21-Nov 9:00 4 Bulgaria Great Britain 6-18
  9:00 3 Turks & Caicos France 19-8
  10:30 4 Germany Canada 10-20
  10:30 3 Curacao Bahamas 4-17
  12:00 4 Bulgaria France 17-10
  12:00 3 Great Britain Canada 18-17
  13:30 4 Turks & Caicos Bahamas 8-18
  13:30 3 Germany Curacao 16-5


Page-System Playoffs
Date Game Time Field Team Team Score
22-Nov P1 10:15 4 Great Britain Canada 7-22
  P2 11:45 4 Bahamas Germany 15-10
  P3 13:30 4 Canada Germany 10-11
  P4 15:30 4 Bahamas Germany Cancelled